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Ex-Resident to compete in Crufts

Back in 2014 a very special young lad was found roaming the streets of Cardiff. He was brought to the Hotel where he was named Trevor and fell in love with one of the volunteer dog walkers Kahla. That’s where his journey to Crufts began.

Kahla said “When I first adopted him he was basically feral. He had no basic training and would chase his tail for about six hours a day and was diagnosed with canine OCD which can be common in very stressed dogs and in some bull breeds. Cardiff Dogs Home staff said he used to climb out of his 10ft high kennel to cause bedlam. He was pretty wild and far too much with other dogs too which eventually led him to being fearful of them. Basically, he couldn’t sit, went in circles for hours, barked at everything and pooped all over my house.”

Fast forward to 2022 and Trevor is now a completely different dog, so different to the tail chasing lunatic that used to reside at the hotel that he is now representing Wales as a ‘level one dog’ in the interregional rally competition. He will be competing in the obedience category which will require him to navigate a course of about 15 signs. Marks will be lost for sitting crooked or not paying attention to his handler. Yes you read that right, a dog who previously couldn’t sit still is now an expert in obedience.

Trevor and Kahla will be competing on Thursday 10th March and everyone at the hotel will be rooting them on with their fingers and Paws crossed.

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