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Special Chicken Nugget finds her forever home

One of the hotels favourite chicken nugget Frenchie’s has finally found her forever home after spending months at the home.

Elle is slightly different to your normal Frenchie as due to extremely poor breeding her spine is badly deformed. She won’t live as long as most other dogs but she absolutely deserves to live a happy life like all dogs should.

Here’s what her new family have to say about Elle, “Ellie has come on leaps and bounds, especially since we started going on her daily walks. She has made a ton of furry friends, as well as human friends as she is loved greatly by the family. However, she still likes to nibble a few toes especially my daughters lol. She is great company especially for me, I am over the moon that the adoption worked out!”

Yay keep that sass and keep on smiling beautiful girl. We love you and we’re so happy you are living your life (with a little sass added in)

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