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Belleza is a young Bulldog who arrived in our care as a stray. She has clearly missed out on TLC for a little while. Regardless of what she has been through, she is not one to let it dampen her outlook on life. Belleza greets everyone like a BFF, she loves to be fussed and the closer she is able to cuddle in, the better!

She does have some fur that needs to grow back, and she also requires an operation on her eye.  This will be arranged with the Hotel’s vet. She is awaiting her operation date and we are hoping she can be placed into her new home on foster until she is ready to be adopted.

She could potentially live with children, cats and other neutered pets. This will be based on introductions at the centre.

We do advise all rescue dogs are enrolled on to dog training classes to help build confidence and adjust to their new life. Knowledge of the brachycephalic breed is essential; we advise applicants to research all breeds they are applying for so it’s a perfect match.

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