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Little Mouse arrived in our care as a stray. She was in a very sorry state, and required an emergency vet visit as she was very weak and had a nasty wound on her lip. It has been difficult to guess her age but we do feel she is a younger girl as she is very playful and has lots of energy.

Mouse had clearly been very neglected by her previous humans. We just wanted to get her strong and even though she was very poorly, Mouse had a spark in her eye and a fighting personality. We knew straight away she was going to be OK! She has an undershot jaw but is now able to eat and drink without assistance.

She has now got a good appetite and loves her food. She is feeling much stronger. She will play with toys and doesn’t seem bothered by other dogs unless they are too close to her food. We feel this can be manged if she was to be rehomed with a resident canine. Mouse can potentially live cats and children of all ages. She really is a delightful little girl.

We do advise all rescue dogs are enrolled on to dog training classes to help build confidence and adjust to their new life.

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