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Adding a Second Dog to your Home

Adding a second dog (or third, or fourth!) to your home is very exciting and we all want to see our dogs love having new friends, but in order for it to be successful you need to bear one word in mind above all else. CALMNESS!!!

Here is some advice on settling in an new dog to your home with resident dogs from our behaviourist, Kahla.

Dog body language

Positive body language

Negative body language

Before you bring your new dog home:

The day you bring your dog home

The first week

The first week can often be difficult for everyone as everyone works out what the boundaries and rules are, as they work out how to communicate and as they learn to adjust to new routines. Don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t immediately take to their new friend, they may feel put out about having to share their home, their toys and you! Give it time and again, aim for calmness!

There is one main rule to follow when adopting a dog and that is the 3,3,3 rule. It will take you, your new dog and your current dog:

3 days to work out what’s going on and where everything is.

3 weeks to settle into new routines and start to relax.

3 months to fully settle and accept this is ‘home’ now.

Overall the most important things are:

Calmness, separate time, plenty of rest, clear boundaries and TIME

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