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In 2019 a group of volunteers held a fundraising event for a wonderful Sharpei called Bruno. He had been at the hotel for many months and badly needed a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) surgery on both ears. As Cardiff Dogs Home is council run, paying thousands of pounds of tax payers money for a dogs operation simply was not possible. Similarly, it was difficult to rehome Bruno as whoever adopted him would need to pay thousands for the surgery. As the wonderful staff at the home hate to see a dog suffer they asked some of the volunteers if we could fundraise to help him and so thanks to our Bruno, The Rescue Hotel was born.

Since Bruno we have fundraised to cover the health costs of many dogs at the hotel. Sadly due to bad breeding practices and the increasing demand for dogs brought about during the pandemic our veterinary bill continues to rise. We will never see a dog suffer though and will continue to do everything we can to ensure that all dogs who check in to the hotel are as happy and healthy as can be.


Once we gained our charitable status in 2020 the first thing we did as a charity was employ the wonderful Kahla from Valleys Dog Behaviour and Training to work with the dogs on site. We chose Kahla as she is a holistic and ethical behaviour consultant specialising in anxiety, fear and aggression and works using kind and effective methods. Kahla also used to volunteer at CDH and got her first dogs Trevor from the Hotel so is familiar with the set up at the Hotel.

Sadly, many dogs find themselves in rescues around the Country as their behaviour is too challenging for their previous owners to cope with. Kahla works with the dogs to help teach them some of the basic skills so many of them have missed out on as well as dealing with more complex issues.

When a dog has more severe behavioural issues Kahla will meet with the potential owner during their meet and greet sessions to provide them with the skills needed to help the dog settle in to their home and set both dog and owner up with the best chance of success.


Education on responsible pet ownership is so important to us. In an ideal world there would be no need for places like the Hotel but sadly until that dream comes true we will do our best to help teach our supporters as much as we can.

As a charity who grew through social media we use our platform to educate our followers on the issues that matter to us most. Keep your eyes peeled as we have an education section coming to this website very soon.

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