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Loose lead walking

Loose lead walking

Complaints of dogs pulling on the lead is one of the most common issues and it can seem like a long haul! So, our behaviourist Kahla put together this cheat sheet to help you start to get control of your wayward pooch.

Firstly we need to look at WHY dogs pull. It seems totally nonsensical as surely it can’t be comfortable or pleasant to be choking yourself all the time.

Why do dogs pull on the lead?

Loose lead walking for beginners

Firstly, a quick note on equipment. There is no such thing as a ‘magic lead’. Equipment does not stop your dog pulling, training does. Some equipment can make the process easier by taking away some strength but the equipment itself will not stop your dog pulling.

So, how do we teach our dogs to walk with a loose lead? There’s hundreds of methods out there promising they will work, and most will! The only thing that is guaranteed to work however is CONSISTENCY. Whatever method you choose won’t work overnight and will take weeks of consistency and then lifetime maintenance. Below is my favourite method.

Each time you go to a new environment, start at stage one again to see how your dog copes. Each time you do this step three will happen more quickly.

This of course is not a magic wand and will not work overnight. Its important to bear in mind your dogs stress levels, so asking them to do Steps 3 and 4 in a dog park when they are already dog reactive may be a step too far! If you’re struggling, contact a good, positive reinforcement based trainer.

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