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Walking your dog

Always use a lead when walking your dog near roads, and in other areas where there are lots of people and vehicles. If in doubt, keep your dog on its lead.

Avoid areas where children are playing or where sports activities are taking place. If you spot wildlife or animals nearby, please keep your dog on a lead and make sure it doesn’t disturb them.

The Outdoor Cardiff website has a variety of walking trails from 1 mile to long distance treks all on your doorstep!

Be aware of other people…

Some people are not used to being around dogs. Please look around you and make sure your dog is under control and not jumping up at other people.


You have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog fouls in a public place. You could face a fine if you fail to clean up your dog’s mess.

Bag it and bin it!

Carry poop bags with you and dispose of dog mess responsibly. You can put bagged dog mess in ordinary rubbish bins, but if you can’t find one around please take the bag home and put it in your red striped bag or black wheelie bin.

Health & pet insurance

If you own a dog you should register with a vet. Your dog needs to be vaccinated and receive regular boosters in order to stay healthy. Flea and worm treatments should also be given regularly.

The Rescue Hotel have their own vet practice that currently offers neutering, vaccinations & dentistry services. Please see our website for further details.

Pet insurance is an important consideration. It will guard against unexpected veterinary fees and allow you to provide the best health care for your dog should something unexpected happen. There are a wide variety of pet insurance policies to choose from.

Raise a happy and sociable dog

Get your dog used to other people and other dogs from an early age, taking it to training classes will help this. If you walk several dogs, make sure you’re able to control them all, especially in busy places.

Never leave a dog alone with children. Always supervise interaction to ensure children do not tease or overexcite your new dog.

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