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Adopt a dog

If you would like to apply to adopt any of our dogs, please complete the online application form.
If your application is successful you will be invited to meet the dog.
**If you do not hear anything within 7 days, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.**
Due to the high volume of applications we receive staff are unable to respond to everyone.

Dogs available for rehoming

  • Malone

    This little whirl wind is Malone, he is a young French bulldog who arrived in our care as a stray. He was slightly underweight on arrival and a little shy. Malone settled in to his new digs relatively quickly, he seems to have no problems making himself at home. We soon learnt Malone loves to explore, Considering his breed and  short legs he has so much stamina. He has gained his weight and is […]

  • Jax

    Please welcome Captain Jax to the hotel. He is young Jack Russell who has just turned a year old. Jax is very inquisitive, he loves going on new adventures and exploring. He has a such a playful nature and finds fun in everything he does. Jax is looking for a home where he can have endless adventures, a home that is full of love. Jax is an intelligent boy, he would benefit from being enrolled on […]

  • Romy

    Romy is a young French bulldog who arrived in our care as a stray. On arrival it was clear she was pregnant. An emergency scan and check up was booked. With medical confirmation we set about finding her a suitable foster home. Romy settled well into her foster home. With the help of her amazing foster family, Romy and her babies were able to flourish. They have had experienced support and so much […]

  • Ollie

    Staffie cross Ollie is 9 years old. He is an unclaimed stray who was handed in to our care. Ollie is a changed dog since arriving, he is a great walker, he loves exploring. He is now ready to find his hiking companion. Ollie is a bit of chatter box he likes to make people aware of his presence. He is so much fun. He is working so hard on his dog socialisation skills, he is a great contender for […]

  • Buddy

    Bully boy buddy is approximately 2-3 years old. He came into our care as stray after being found wondering alone. Buddy has known love at some point in his life, he has also known heart ache as he was so sad when he arrived. We did all we could to make him happy. It didn’t take long until Buddy was putty in our hands. He is the sweetest boy, with a sensitive soul. Buddy will need time to […]

  • Phillys

    Phyllis is a young bully who is approximately 3 years old. On arrival she was understandably worried about her new surroundings, Phyllis soon came around with the bribery of tasty treats and bum scratches. Phillys has turned a corner, she is  now a happy dog, it is great to see her doing zoomies and playing. She still has a way to go but we can see difference each day. Phillys has the best ears, […]

  • Cassius

    Cassius is a 3 and half your old Bulldog who was dumped at a local vets. He is a sweet, strong boy. He has a goofy personality that will make you laugh. Cassius loves to be out and about. The longer the adventure is the better his day is. We feel Cassius may be suitable to live with a neutered female dog who is of similar size and energy. Cassius will need to be enrolled on to training classes to […]

  • Myrtle

    Young Chow girl Myrtle is approximately 8-12 months old. She has unfortunately not had the best love or care. Myrtle is full of mat’s and can be slightly reluctant with new people. She is doing well with building relationships but will need a slow and steady home to continue with her social skills. At the moment we are slowly introducing Myrtle to the grooming parlor, she working hard. Myrtle […]

  • Holly

    Holly is a German shepherd who is a large girl. She is approximately 5 years old. She came in to our care after being found wondering alone. Holly is slowly gaining  the weight to get her to a healthy size. We are defluffing her dead coat daily. Once Holly is confident enough she will hopefully enjoy a spa day. Holly walks well on the lead and will check to make sure you are keeping up. She is a […]

  • Deb

    Deb is approximately 3 years old, she is a medium size and has a heavy set body structure. She arrived in our care as a stray and was never claimed. Deb is in need of a cuddle companion, she loves a fuss. Deb does walk well on the lead but is not a fan of the rain. So will happily chill out and play indoor games untill it passes. She is not an early raiser, she does like her sleep. Once Deb is in […]

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