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What is Miles for Smiles?

Whether you’re walking or running, help put a smile on our dogs faces by taking part in Miles for Smiles this October. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to take part, this challenge is for all ages and all abilities.

Select one of the three distances and complete the challenge during the month of October.

To get involved…simply choose your distance, register online and start raising money to help the hundreds of dogs who find themselves in our care.

How will Miles for Smiles help?

The money you raise by taking part in this challenge will help towards any specialist veterinary treatment our dogs need. Sadly we are seeing an increase in the amount of dogs reaching us in a terrible state and as a result our vet costs are rising. In the last 5 months we have already spent as much on vet fees as we did in the previous financial year! 

We will also use the money you raise towards providing behaviour training to help dogs learn the basic skills that they have sadly missed out on and help improve their chances of being adopted, as well as supporting the dogs with anything else they may need whilst residing at the hotel to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

How your donations have helped our dogs...

Olive’s Story

Olive came to us after her vets reached out to us for help. Olive had badly broken her leg and needed over £4,000 worth of treatment to get her fit and healthy again. As Olive’s owner was unable to afford the cost of the surgery he requested she was put to sleep. Olive was just 7 months old with her whole life ahead of her. When we were asked if we could help to spare her life of course we said yes! We arranged for her to have the specialist surgery required and nursed her through her recuperation post surgery. Olive has now been signed off by the vet with a clean bill of health and is currently on her home trial to be adopted soon.

Coba’s story

Coba was found abandoned suffering from a horrific skin condition. He was just 8 months old when he arrived with extremely painful open sores on his back, neck and face. His eyes were also in a terrible state and he needed entropion surgery to ensure he was no longer in pain. Despite the immense pain he was suffering, Coba was the sweetest soul who showered his carers with kisses during his daily wound cleaning sessions. Once his wounds were healed and he was well enough Coba underwent the surgery he needed to ensure his eyes would no longer cause him any pain. He has now been successfully adopted and is living the life he deserves, full of love and happiness.

Hazely’s story

Hazley is typical of so many of the dogs who find themselves at the hotel. She came in as a stray so we don’t know much about her past but we could tell she has certainly missed out on socialisation training from an early age. Thankfully through fundraising we are able to employ a behaviourist onsite who is working with Hazely to help her overcome her fear of other dogs. She has come on so far since she has been with us at the hotel and is now able to go on walks with our volunteers and other dogs to help with her training. Hazely is still looking for her forever home, hopefully her people will find her soon.

Sign up...

To sign up for Miles for Smiles 2022, setup a JustGiving page, by clicking the button and then complete the form below, entering the address of your JustGiving page.

If you have any problems with signing up, please feel free to contact us on , where a member of our team can assist you.


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